About Braide
High Purity Graphite
After years of research, we take advanced production technology and equipments to manufacture high purity graphite products with carbon content 99.9% and 99.99%. Mainly used for military industry (electronic component), defense unclear industry (nuclear reactors (Uranium) moderator), material of low molybdenum no tribute battery (accelerator), smelting industry (desulfurization accelerator), high purity graphite products (graphite electrode etc) [+]Read More
Superfine Micropowder Graphite
Company takes advanced air jet milling equipment to complete the crushing of the ultra-fine graphite. Available for products 1250~12500mesh (10~1μm), according to customers’ requirement. Products with carbon content 90~99.9% are widely used in the field of lithium battery material (conductive agent), electrical carbon, chemical, metallurgy, rubber, plastic etc. [+]Read More
High Carbon Graphite
Specification: Particle size 45μm~500μm (325~35mesh), carbon content 94~99% Performance: Full scale structure, excellent physical and chemical property, good high [+]Read More
Graphite Powder For Alkaline Battery
Acid-based method is adopted to process graphite with new developed environmental production, then refined to remove Molybdenum, Arsenic, Antimony, Iron, Copper and other harmful substance. This high quality graphite derives from the new process named ultra-low molybdenum high purity graphite special for alkaline batteries. Purity is 99.9-99.99%, this process is able to minimize the harmful content of the alkaline [+]Read More
Micropowder Graphite
Performance: High quality natural flake graphite, with special oxidation resistance in high temperature, self-lubrication and plasticity, at the same time, with good electronic conductive, thermal conductive and adhesion. [+]Read More
Medium Carbon Graphite
Specification:Particle size: 45μm-500μm (325~35mesh, Carbon content: 85~93%) Performance: Full scale structure, excellent physical and chemical property, good high temperatur [+]Read More