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Coke And Anthracite Recarburizer
During electric arc furnace steel making progress, addition of coke or anthracite as recarburizer. Induction furnace cast iron is rarely used it for recarburizer because of the ash and high volatile content. [+]Read More
Petroleum Coke Recarburizer
Petroleum coke is byproduct of refining crude oil, crude oil is often pressure distillation or vacuum distillation, residue and asphalt can be used as raw material for the manufacture of petroleum coke, coking after green petroleum coke. High impurity content in the raw petroleum coke, it can not be used as recarburizer directly, must go calcination firstly. [+]Read More
Natural Graphite Recarburizer
Natural graphite recarburizer is divided into two types: Flake graphite and Amorphous graphite. Amorphous graphite with high ash content, rarely be used for iron carburizing agent. High carbon flake graphite required chemical extraction, or heated to a high temperature to make the oxide [+]Read More