Superfine Micropowder Graphite

Company takes advanced air jet milling equipment to complete the crushing of the ultra-fine graphite.

Available for products 1250~12500mesh (10~1μm), according to customers’ requirement. Products

with carbon content 90~99.9% are widely used in the field of lithium battery material

(conductive agent), electrical carbon, chemical, metallurgy, rubber, plastic etc.

Main Usage:

1. Lithium battery anode and cathode material conductive agent and other additives.

2. Mole release lubricant in the production of fertilizer industry catalyst.

3. Base material of high temperature lubricant and corrosion-resistant lubricant.

4. Material of powder metallurgy mole release agent and metal alloy, be able to increase

 the strength of components.

5. Used for the production of carbon film resistors, conductive dry film and conductive liquid.

6. Filler or performance improver of rubber, plastic and various composite material.



BT-9300H Laser analyzer

Particle size analysis report